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Hello. I’m Alexeij Ajkun.


About My Work

I have always been captivated by the arts. From a young age, I vividly remember watching all sorts of shows and films with my family. As I grew up, I found that having an artistic outlet was the perfect way to express my thoughts, creativity, and imagination. I quickly fell in love with filmmaking and haven't looked back since, committing myself to a career as a professional Videographer.

"His colors are out of this world, he really took me and my girlfriends vacation footage to a whole new level. Very happy with the results, will definitely be contacting him again soon."

Robert Webber, CT



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Ajkun Ballet Theatre - the Face To Face Show Collection

COVID-19 - A Message of Hope

Captivating Film Trailer

My Services

Letโ€™s Get Started

Video Camera

Full Consultation

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

Film Crew


Do you have an idea that youโ€™d like to bring to life? Do you want to shoot a promotional video to promote your business? Music video, Short Film, Wedding, Event Video? 


Video Editing

Do you have footage that you want to give purpose to? Do you have footage that youโ€™d like to turn into an edited video with captivating transitions and beautiful color correction? Do you need a hand bringing your film to life? I am here to structure your footage by adding music and sound effects, giving you what you need to have your videos leave an impression that they deserve.  

Film Set

Film Directing 

Do you have a project or idea that youโ€™d love to bring to life?


Drone Footage

Footage for a short film? Footage for properties you are trying to sell (real estate)? Construction? Any Projects that require aerial footage? 



Headshots, Portraits, Promotional, Aerial, Real Estate, Graduation, Food, You name it!


Sound Design

All of your footage is there and it is edited and ready to go, but you are missing the key factor of sound design. No problem. Sound design whether it is sound effects, voice overs, audio mixing, or song mixing. 


Color Correction 

Your film is ready to go however you need a bit of color correction to really give it that cinematic look that takes your footage looking from amateur level to expert level. 

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